September 23, 2015

Qi Wireless Charging is Going Strong?

When wireless charging was introduced back when Google released NEXUS 4, I wasn't really sure if it would stick around. Very few manufacture support it (Nokia had it, Samsung supported it but required customers to upgrade their battery cover on their own dime).  I invested in a couple of chargers but they were generally expensive ($30-50 range).  Personally, I find it to be extremely convenient and having a charger at home and work makes sure my phone is always charged because I simply set it down on the charge pad when not in

I have recently taken notice on the increased awareness and availability in Qi Wireless Charging.  Could it be that this format of charging is going strong?  Take a look for your self:

1. Regular Qi-Charging device can be had for less than $15 these days, take a look on Amazon or other stores


2. Toyota announced their 2016 redesigned Tacoma features Qi charging, I then discovered a host of other Toyota vehicles support it as well including the 2016 Avalon and Camary.


3. IKEA announced a series of their furnitures and lamps supporting the Qi Wireless Charging standards.  Thats huge support in the Qi Wireless standard as they are now integrated to their affordable furniture for the masses.


4. More new or random appliances are now integrating Qi Charging.  I stumbled across two in the past 48 hours which is what prompted me to write this entry.  Take a look at this pretty cool looking OLED desk lamp called AERELIGHT with Qi Charger as well as a JBL speaker system with built in NFC and Qi charging.

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