December 19, 2015

USB Type C - What a magnificent pain in the ass!

USB consortium's latest Type C cable is the future of USB.  It transfers data much faster, draws up to 3A of power for super fast charging and is perfectly symmetrical in every way (plug designs and both ends).  But what happens when you get a new phone that is USB Type C.

As it turns out, it is a huge pain in the ass.  If you are like me, then you have outfitted your house, car, office and backpack with an abundance of USB type-A adapters, car chargers, and cables.  Well, you might as well trash all of these cables since USB type-C doesn't work with them.

While Amazon does offer a ton of accessories like Type-A to Type C adapter dongle or adapter cables and car chargers, you are never sure if these generic manufactures are giving you something up to spec, according to Google's very own engineers, we should steer clear of generic brands.

Assuming you are okay with buying new Type-C cables at $19 to $29 a pop, you still have to invest in adapter dongles so it can be plugged into your computer and existing USB Type-A plugs. 

Oh, and thanks to the genius at Google that omitted the Qi charging technology in their latest Nexus 5x and 6p offerings, it also rendered my collection of wireless charging pads useless.

I guess I will hang on to my Nexus 6 for a while longer until the USB Type-C cables step up in quality and step down in price... 

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