August 20, 2016

Google Project Fi Amazing International Traveling Companion

Let me cut to the chase, Google Fi kicked ass in terms of international traveling goes.  The plan lived up to all the hype and promises!

When I decided to switch over to Google Project Fi from a few months ago, there were two major factors:  1). Low Cost Plan and 2). Promising International Coverage.  I knew I would be traveling throughout Asia this summer, so I was anxious to see how it would go.  Google promised unlimited Text regardless where you are (in or out of the U.S.) and in terms of the data plan, it doesn't matter, within the 135+ countries, you are on the same data plan:  $10/GB.

As soon as I landed in Taipei, I turned the phone on, and was greeted with a nice message telling me Google Fi has me covered there.  From then on I proceeded to use the phone as if I were in the states throughout the rest of the trip which is uncensored.  I got the same confidence and messaging when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  The feeling is amazing, to be able to confidently walk around foreign countries with your phone's data plan turned on and sending as many SMS messages as you please.  From the moment you landed, you can inform friends or family members in that country without worrying about exceeding some international data or SMS plan from one of the carriers.  (I used to pay $10 for 50 int. SMS and $30 for 200MB; back then, each time I go out of the country, I am constantly worried about going over these anemic overpriced plans and would freak out if I forgot to turn off data and apps started to download data in the background.  With Google Fi, the feeling is so liberating.  In the ten years I have been really into smartphones and mobile devices, this is the first time I felt like we have finally arrived and truly feel like a global citizen empowered by technology.  For that, a big thank you to the Google Fi team is well deserved.

I ran across another excellent review of the International Project Fi review (Project Fi in Paris: My International Connectivity Dreams come True), this person really nailed the same feeling.  Head on over to have a good read if you want to know all the details.

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