January 12, 2017

AT&T, Verizon going after legacy Unlimited Data Plan, very annoying!

I woke up this morning, browsing through my news feeds and saw two headlines that annoyed me back to back.

1. Verizon takes aim at its unlimited data plan customers once more (engadget)
2. AT&T raises unlimited data pricing as carriers push users away from grandfathered plans (macworld)

It instantly pissed me.  I had given up my unlimited data plan from AT&T a while back in favor of the superior Project Fi network, so this no longer applies to me.  But it just seems like these carriers are still bilking the customers for their pipeline instead of give customers more innovation or launching new products/services.  How is it that we have unlimited data plan almost 10 years ago and in modern day, we have to have caps and throttles on the data usage.  This is why I have zero regret going to Google Project Fi network which was so convenient on my recent trip to India where I have all of my services for the same cost as if I were in the USA (SMS, international data, etc.)

While I appreciate these carriers for maintaining and upgrading their system to yield faster internet speeds over the year, the fact that they are capping the usage and nickle and diming their customers just feels like we are going backwards.

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