February 14, 2017

Verizon Brings back Unlimited Data Plan... So Sad!

In the words of our newly minted President, "So Sad" is what I have to say about Verizon's wishy-washy positioning of the unlimited data plan; actually its "so sad" to see all four carriers missing true unlimited data plans.  Yesterday, Verizon announced they would be bringing back the unlimited data plan for the first time since 2011.  I have always felt it is a shame that almost all the carriers modified or got rid of the original unlimited data plan (you know, the ones with no caps, and no throttling after a cap).

Since competition have gotten stiffer, I know T-Mobile and Sprint have been leading the pack with more generous data plan offerings but it seems like all of them still have some sort of data cap ranging from 22 to 28GB. Its unknown if they will actually throttle your throughput once you hit that cap.

I know its a bit of an overshot to complain about having a 22GB data cap and I am certain average users are probably maxing out at around 5GB.  But the point of true unlimited data will give certain individual true mobile freedom, to power a hotspot from home to work and stream Netflix or Spotify anywhere she pleases.  After all, the year 2017, almost 20 years of the introduction of broadband internet and we are still being penny pinched for data usage.  Did I mention the cost of said plan is $80 per month?

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