March 31, 2017

Add a Project Fi Data SIM in 60s or Less

One of the best things about Project Fi from Google is their generosity when it comes to data sharing.  Right off the bat, they do not care if you use hotspot and even offer to give you up to 10 additional SIM cards so you can spread the love.  In this post, I will show you how to get this accomplished. The process should take 60 seconds or less once you received the card.

Step 1:  Request a free Data-SIM, you can find it under your account, manage your plan
Step 2: Once the new card arrives, activate it by going to and enter the 16 character key from the SIM Card

Step 3: Insert new SIM Card and enjoy.

Some tips:
* You can rename the data card within your Project Fi account so you can easily monitor all of the additional data (ie. Data for iPad, Data for old Phone, etc.)
* Depending on the device you installed the additional SIM card, you may have to go to device setting to enable 3G or LTE or auto-detect; most of the non-Nexus devices may not be able to maximize the best bandwidth between T-Mobile or Sprint (in most GSM phones, it defaults to T-Mobile and depending on the bands available, you may be stuck with slower network connections like H+ or HSDPA), a good tool is LTE Discovery App to see what band you end up with.

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