March 29, 2017

Back to Basics with Sandman Clock

Keeping your smartphone (or tablets or smart watch) charged is such a basic necessity these days.  Most people would prefer to have it near their bed side so they can check on the time or access information whenever.

However, the nuance of the reality is this; chances are your bedside outlet only permits 2 plugs leaving most people deciding what to keep plugged in ie. a lamp? a clock? a charger? speakers?  Yes, you can get a power strip or something to expand the plugs but chances are it will add bulk to the gap between your outlet and the night stand.

Ever noticed how convenient hotel appliances are?  USB ports built into desk lamps, integrated LED night lights on switches, etc.  Well, Sandman will bring some of those creature comfort to your home by way of a good old fashioned desk clock.  The "Sand Clock" ($45) is a simple clock with large display and 4 built-in USB ports (one high powered one rated at 5V @2.4A).  I know many people have relied on their phones as a bedside clock companion but to me there is still nothing more convenient than having a dedicated desk clock to tell the time.

In a world that is so connected and internet driven where there is an app for everything, sometimes its good to have good old-fashioned analog devices around the house such as clocks, thermometers, and metronomes.

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