June 19, 2017

My Encounter with SimpliSafe as a Smarthome Monitor

A while back, I have posted my review of the SimpliSafe Alarm system.  I originally purchased the system for its primary function as an DIY full-fledged security system, but in my review, I considered this addition as part of a larger smarthome transformation in the grand scheme of things.

Last week, I witnessed the power of this system in action.

It was late in the evening, as we were finishing up on the dish washing, we suddenly hear SimpliSafe alarm going off.  Panic fills the room as I jumped from the couch start looking around the various entry points and the security keypad/console.  I did notice the alarm sounded different than the usual entry/burglar siren.  The mobile app's push-notification and SMS text start to buzz and informed us of a water sensor detection had gone off.  Seconds later, my phone rings and a friendly call center staff warns us of a water detection in person.  I quickly checked under the kitchen sink and sure enough, I see a pool of water gathered under the sink.  I did not hear fresh incoming water leaking thankfully, so it must be coming from a leak coming out from the drain pipe.  

It turned out that there was a 2 inch crack in the stainless S-trap.

While there were a decent amount water accumulation, it never managed to leak its way outside the cabinet.  Which means had I not been warned by the SimpliSafe's Water sensor, we probably would have been kept in the dark causing repeated damages to the cabinet each and every time we do the dishes.  Because of the alert, I was able to contain the problem and run to the Home Depot the very next day and buy the parts needed to re-build the drain costing me less than $20.

(Drain rebuilt $20, could have been a lot more $ in Damage)
This was a huge relief for me and reinforces the importance and my commitment to further wise up the old house.  I am generally very handy and do my best in preventive care (ie. I always change out to fresh/new steel-braided inlet hoses whenever I move into a place, and if you haven't done so, you should!) but we can't be everywhere all the time so its comforting to know that there are now affordable technology to offer a piece of mind.

This is the 2nd post within the past two weeks where smarthome components saved my ass.  This type of mobile/smarthome integration is what gets me excited about technology and mobile experience.  I am looking forward to discovering more innovations in the near future!

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