June 12, 2017

Smart Alarm Clock Finally Arriving... Sandman Doppler Kickstarter

Remember those guys that took a simple idea of an Alarm Clock and tossed in a few USB ports because its so obvious that we can all use more USB ports, well, these guys are onto something more.

They are just shared with me a new idea soon to be released on Kickstarter.  Its the Sandman Doppler Clock.

From the looks of it, once again, its pretty simple but the evolution of their Alarm Clock products are starting to really become interesting.  This looks to have a high definition LED Color screen that can display alot of useful information this time around (ie. Weather, Day of Week, Stock, Traffic, etc.).  Of course, this has to have 6 USB ports (3 of which are swappable to TypeC) which should be enough for your gadgetry needs.  Other features including Bluetooth Speaker, WiFi Connection (so it can connect to Amazon Alexa and more), and some quick access buttons to your favorite internet of things services (ie. Philip Hue, Lyft, NEST, etc.).  It also comes with an App to configure everything.

This seems like a lofty product but if they can pull this one off, I will say that I have finally found an Alarm Clock worthy of my attention.

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