August 6, 2017

Google Pixel Phones Prices Reduced up to $200!

The day I have been waiting for is here, I knew at some point, they will reduce the price for their inventory since the new Pixel 2 might be on the horizon.  (BTW, rumor has that Pixel2 might ditch the headphone jack so it royally pisses me off, which makes the original Pixel the "it" android phone).

If you head on over to the Google Store today, the price goes as follows:

Google PIxel 32GB - $524  (was $649)
Google Pixel 128GB - $624 (was $749)
Google Pixel XL 32 GB - $569 (was $770)
Google Pixel XL 128GB - $669 (was $870)

They are also tossing in a free Daydream View headset ($79 value) for free!

Act quick, while this is no quite as attractive as the old Nexus 5X reduced pricing of $249, its probably one of the best deals out there for a top of the line unlocked Android device.

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