August 31, 2017

Stop taping over your Cameras with "NOPE Covers"

If you are not paranoid like me and worry about the possibility of being hacked via Webcam or microphone from your phone or laptop, then you probably should be.  Because there are many cases of hacking that takes place via Webcams, etc.  I remember reading this bone-chilling article from GQ from 2012 which told the story of a hacker watching and blackmailing.  Just imagine how much more advanced hackers have become since then.

For the most part, I always tape over my webcams when not in use.  I prefer using the blue painter's tape as it can be removed easier with minimal amount of adhesive residue.  I think I may have left a few web cam lenses blurry from bad tape.

I have always wondered why manufacturers would not incorporate a nice lens cover on laptops or tablets to enhance security.  Well, these folks from "Nope" have decided to take matters to their own hands and what a beautifully slim solution have they come up with.

At just 0.3mm thickness, they came up with a nice little (elegant) solution to cover up any camera on modern device (well, all single lense cameras anyways).  They used aluminum and polymer sheet to keep the design looking slick. They did not fo

rget that mics can be hacked as well, so they cleverly designed a 3.5mm plug that tricks the system into using a plug-in mic which has been muted (very simple and clever solution).  Whats a good solution without a way to bring it with you?  Well, they thought of that too by way of a tiny holder which can be attached to your key ring.

Check them out via their kickstarter campaign.  A little bird told me that they will be ready to ship in Oct 2017 once they thoroughly test out the prototype.

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