November 16, 2017

Operating Cost of a Tesla Model S vs. Gas Engine 300K Miles

I just ran across a video on YouTube posted by a couple of guys from the Ideal Cars channel; they are discussing the significance of a particular Model S owner who drove the electric supercar for more than 300,000 miles in a span of 2 years.  Apparently, because of unlimited mileage warranty and much lower cost of electricity compared to fossil fuel (approx. $10K for 300,000mi), this is far cheaper than a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle.  In the video, they used a Mercedes S-Class to compare the cost, which they assume approx. $40K+ in fuel cost and with all the vehicle services required to total came to $100K.  I am not sure if I totally agree with their final cost estimate for a S-Class to be close to $100K for the same operating cost equivalent of 300,000 miles but their point is still valid... that a low servicing Electric Vehicle can be really cheap if you maximize your mileage.

I have always known that EVs have lower maintenance needs; but hadn't realized how significant total savings can be!  (Check out the video here)

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