November 12, 2017

Get a Smart Printer and Improve Your Quality of Life

A personal printer might be one of the most over-looked gadget around the house.  I used to dread the thought of printing something at home, that is because the few times you needed to print something, the inkjet based printers are probably dried up; in my case, living in a NYC apartment would require me to store the printer in a closet when not in use, so by the time I need it, it would have to dust it off, hook up the USB cables and power cord and keep my fingers crossed.

My entire experienced changed when I decided to buy a Smart Laser Printer and it is one of the best decision I have taken.  Given the fact that I only print a dozen or so times per year, I opted for a simple black and white laser printer from Brother (MFC-L2700DW), it fulfilled my requirements of auto-document feeder scanning and features both wired and wireless internet.  The best part is you can often pick one up for around $100.  The laser cartridge is around $40 but will last approx. 3,000 print outs.

Given the wireless capabilities, I am able to hide it out of plain sight into an IKEA PAX Storage System, I added some custom shelfs and it looks like it was meant for the printer.  Now from anywhere inside the house, family members can print their assignment, boarding pass, movie tickets using their phone, tablet or computer.  You can also scan and upload directly to the cloud without ever having to deal with a laptop.  In a hurry, its also super useful to make copies of important documents.  Like I mentioned earlier, having the ability to print anywhere and not having to worry about the ink availability is such a nice feeling.  These type of internet appliance is what really enhances that mobile experience.

Recently, our family needs required color printing.  Realizing that a multi-function color laser printer costs well of $350 and ($200+ on the toner refills.  I scored a sweet deal on a DELL C1760nw color laser printer (this one just prints, no multifunction) for just $80.  The size is relatively compact, so I simply added the printer into the same storage and now I have got a full suite of production ability completely hidden from view.  

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