December 11, 2017

3D Printed Nintendo Switch Wall Mount

Nintendo Switch is this years hottest game system.  It is also break-through in video gaming as it finally fulfilled Nintendo's vision of mobile/family gaming console in one.  For many, this was the first Nintendo system with high definition (the Wii-U had HD, but no one really bought it), and it finally bridge the gap of portable gaming as well as home gaming.

I will spare the hardware review since there are no shortage reviews out there, it's obvious I like it enough to buy it.  But, I am here to share my 3D model of a wallmount that I designed for my Switch.  You see,  as much as I like the whole mobile/home gaming concept, I find leaving the Switch's docking cradle on top of my TV stand is quite a bit of pest as my TV stand's shelfs are too short for a top loading game system.  To my surprise, given the plethora of various Nintendo-licensed accessories, which is an obvious evil-but-successful money making scheme (in my case, I paid for a second cradle, another set of joy con, 2 of the wired controllers costing hundreds of dollars), I could not find a licensed wall-mounting solution.

I figured I'd fire up that old 3D printer and print a wallmount of my own design.  I ended up with two designs (large and small depending on your 3D printer bed).  Head on over to to Thingiverse and download my STL files and enjoy a clutter free setup of your Switch.

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