December 18, 2017

Video Editing on the Go with Kinemaster

Mobile technology have come a long way, we always hear people say that smartphones are computers.  Well, I came across one of those experiences when I compiled a footage combining 2 video clips into one on my phone.  Full disclosure, I am a complete newbie to video editing, and I was able to do it 100% on my phone within minutes.  All thanks to an app called Kinemaster (android, iOS).

My goal was relatively simple, I wanted to combine a video footage from my phone and my wife's phone into one.  I wanted to do Picture-in-Picture style footage showing the action from 2 prospective.  I knew I needed to accomplish three things:  
  1. Overlay a 2nd video
  2. Cut/Trim the respective videos and shift align the starting point
  3. Compile a final video for consumption
Kinemaster made it a breeze.  The app walks you through a few steps to pick the video, enter text tiles, choose audio track and make final edits/cut/trim/alignment.  You can pick the final video output quality and you are done.  I managed to learn the app and churn out a video clip that I had in mind in 20 minutes or less.  The best part of this mobile experience is that I was able to share the final video with the family via screen-cast my TV all from my couch (I have Chromecast on all of my TV sets).

The version of the app I downloaded is a free version so it has a watermark, paid version will allow you to remove that watermark and give you a few other options like some free audio tracks.

The experience was surreal, I knew we are all walking around with powerful devices in our pockets but to be able to make an almost professional quality footage right from your couch just puts a smile on my face.  

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