June 27, 2018

Drones Deployed for Emergency Communication Tower

A little bit of old news but interesting nonetheless. Apparently, drones have been in use for areas suffering from natural disasters as temporary connectivity.  AT&T brought it out as a temporary fix in Puerto Rico.  According to ARS Technica, each drone can enable up to 8,000 people to get connected to the network.  Other applications include deployment in large events where relief is needed as large pools of people congregate.  The drone is dubbed as a Flying COW (Cell on Wings) and hovers approx. 200ft. off the ground.

The idea is pretty cool, I am just a bit curious about the practical application of this.  It seems for one, to keep a drone suspended in mid-air would require a large amount of power on a constant basis, this may explain some of the footage where I can see a wire being attached to the base of the drone.  Then there is the question of if setup a portable extension pole is cheaper and more effective but I suppose this might not have the height advantage to clear some trees or tall buildings.

Drones are definitely one of the major game changes in the modern age, its always refreshing to see new applications being deployed.

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